Passionate about Plants 2018

Over 300 people attended the 8th Passionate About Plants event on Saturday 14th April at Haydon School Pinner. We were fortunate to have good weather after all the recent rain and everyone said how much they enjoyed the day.

Annie Godfrey, from Daisy Roots Nursery, started the event by talking about the wide range of plants we could grow in dry, sunny positions in ‘Some Like It Hot’. These included ones we probably have already in our gardens as well as ideas for new ones to try. She also entertained us with the story behind Eryngium Giganteum – better known as Miss Wilmott’s Ghost.

Annie Godfrey reviewing her range of plants for sale

Frances Tophill

We were then treated to a tree masterclass from Frances Tophill who helped us “Choose Interesting and Effective Trees for the Garden”. Frances gave us ideas on trees to plant in all scenarios – in small, medium and large gardens, for scent and to help clear pollution. She even managed to get us to think again about the much maligned conifer.

Adam Frost encouraged us to look again at our gardens to think about how we make them work for us rather than just following the traditional principles of garden design. He talked about the importance of understanding the conditions in which you are planting as well as getting inspiration from the things that mean the most to you – whatever they may be!

Nick Hamilton, from Barnsdale Nurseries, brought the day to the a close with everything we needed to know – and more – about choosing climbers in “Climbers for All Aspects’. We learnt which plants will perform well in sun and shade and which will thrive with benign neglect. He showed us that there truly is a climber for every position.

Brian Hamilton with the HPSMG stall – before it sold out!

We had five nurseries with us on the day selling a range of specialist and unusual hardy plants – Daisy Roots Nursery, The Plant Specialist, Edulis, Home Farm Plants, Pineview Plants as well as plants from our very own Hardy Plant Society Middlesex Group, which totally sold out. We saw a lot of satisfied customers carrying bags of plants as they made their way home.

The market place was also busy throughout the day with stalls from The Green End, the Rural Activities Garden Centre, Ruislip Horticultural Society, Perry Faron, Franchi Seeds and West London Waste.

We enjoyed it so much, we will be doing in all again in 2020! We haven’t announced the date yet so keep an eye on the website or our Facebook Page.