Special Events

Passionate about Plants 2018

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Eastcote House Summer Picnic

On Saturday 9th June, the annual Summer Picnic takes place at Eastcote House and Gardens. As in previous years, the HPS Middlesex Group will be there to share our enthusiasm about hardy plants.


Chenies Manor House Plant and Garden Fair



Every year we are delighted to have a display stand at Chenies Manor Plant and Garden Fair  where we can show examples of popular hardy plants. We use the day to promote the Hardy Plant Society and canvas for new members  to join our Group and, although we do not sell plants from our stand, this is a very popular event supported by many well known specialist nurseries selling their own selections of plants.



In 2017, after the initial planning stage, we selected the plants we needed from our sponsor Farnham Common Nurseries. We used trellis in an offset V to create an interesting shape, cut a couple of windows in it and placed Fatsia ‘Cobweb’ as our main focal point. The planting was kept light and airy with Sanguisorba and Gaura and grounded with Hostas and ferns. We were able to offer advice and encouragement to a number of visitors, many of whom bought our seeds (donated by members) and cards. It was a very successful and enjoyable day and we are looking forward to attending the event again this year which will take place on Saturday 15th July 2018 at Chenies Manor House and Gardens, Chenies, Bucks.


Marcelle Maloney – Hon Sec HPS Middlesex Group


HPS Middlesex Group Photographic Competition 2018


Why not have a go at our photographic competition? The subject of this year’s competition is ‘Creative and Innovative Containers’. The winner will be chosen at our December meeting so you have plenty of time to design your own container or take a picture of someone else’s!

The competition is open to HPS Middlesex Group members only. Each member can enter two photographs at the December meeting, which must have been taken by themselves. Prints only please, 6″ x 4″ preferred, but 5″ x 7″ also accepted.